The Daily Caller reports that the EV-D68 enterovirus epidemic that has affected a significant number of American children may be tied to President Obama’s policy of allowing tens of thousands of Central American children to enter the U.S. this past summer.

DC notes that genetic and statistical evidence has shown that the epidemic includes “mulitiple strains of the virus, and that it appeared simultaneously in multiple independent locations.”

If the federal government would compare strains of the virus that have appeared in the U.S. to those strains that are known to be present in Central America, researchers would know for certain if the cases in the U.S. are a result of the recent immigration crisis on the Texas border.

Nine people have died from the illness – three of whom were American children – and approximately 50 children have been inflicted with polio-like paralysis. Hundreds of children have undergone treatment in emergency rooms and intensive care units in more than 40 states.

DC points out that government researchers and health officials are tight-lipped when it comes to responding to questions having to do with the source of the virus. Even though the “cat’s out of the bag” so to speak, and the virus has now spread throughout the U.S., it is still important to identify the virus’ source so the public at large can understand the dangerous repercussions of the Obama administration’s open border policies.

The Daily Caller’s article, “Obama’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows.” can be found HERE.