We were collecting signatures this SUPER weekend at the Sunbury, Ohio Sun and Sizzle Festival held in the Town Square!! Lots of fun with the “great fair and festival” food! The signatures were all collected standing on the public sidewalks where parking lots feed into festival and buses drop off attendees!!

Fairs and festivals are where you can get the greatest number of signatures in the “shortest amount of time”!

Use your search browser or GOOGLE festivals in your area by identifying Ohio, the month, 2015 and fairs, festivals and you will find more than enough places to go!!

Some suggestions of good venues with lots of people attending:
1. Millersport Sweet Corn Festival Sept 3-5
2. Johnstown Downtown Flea Mkt Sept 4-7
3. Upper Arlington Festival Sept 7
4. Hilliard Arts and Street Festival Sept 12
5. Marion Popcorn Festival Sept 10-12
6. Lithopolis Honeyfest Sept 11-12
7. Powell Good Ole Days festival Sept 13
8.Jamestown Bean Festival Sept 19-20
9. Old Worthington Market Days Sept 26
10. Local libraries are your old standbys for signatures!!

Greene County Tea Party has a booth in the Cedarfest Sept 5 and 6th and they can use some help

NOTE: PLEASE VERIFY DATES AND TIMES as venues make changes. Also good write-ups on the internet about these festivals.

Sue Ellen King
Ohioans for Workplace Freedom
State Signature Collection Team Leader


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