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June 5, 2014

Ohioans Against Common Core applaud Oklahoma’s Successful Repeal of the
Common Core Standards

Today, Ohioans leading the fight against Common Core and its federal takeover of Ohio’s education system gained new momentum when Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed the strongest repeal bill in the country, having passed overwhelmingly in that state’s House and Senate. “We are thrilled and inspired by what Oklahoma has done. Governor Mary Fallin has heard the people of Oklahoma and taken the appropriate action by signing the Common Core repeal bill. In her role as chair of the National Governors’ Association, Governor Fallin has been a leading advocate of the standards; her reversal speaks loudly and clearly to her state, to our state and to our nation about the appropriate course for those who wish to restore state and local control of education,” said Heidi Huber, the leader of Ohioans Against Common Core.

Ohioans Against Common Core held a rally in the statehouse atrium this past Wednesday to promote repeal of the Common Core Standards via Substitute House Bill 237, introduced by State Representative Andy Thompson ((R-Marietta). Hundreds of Ohioans attended, including parents, grandparents, schoolchildren, school board members, teachers and many other concerned citizens from across the Buckeye State. At the rally, speakers included Rep. Thompson, Representative John Adams (R-Sydney), Huber and Jenni White, leader of Restore Oklahoma Public Education and Oklahoma’s successful repeal effort. White said the nation is watching Ohio: “You have a groundswell of public support in Ohio. We succeeded in Oklahoma, thanks to Governor Fallin’s willingness to do what is right. Ohio is vitally important to our nation; we hope your general assembly and your governor will take similar action to protect Ohio’s children and parents, its teachers and communities from Common Core and its destructive power.”

Representative Thompson stated, “Ohioans have been frustrated at our state’s lack of action on Common Core. Oklahoma’s repeal of Common Core is courageous and hopefully contagious. I call upon my fellow legislators and our governor to reexamine where they stand, and to recognize that our effort is not going away until repeal is a reality.” Representative Adams added, “We need to get our repeal bill, Substitute House Bill 237 onto the floor. Oklahoma’s move is truly inspirational. I want Ohio to join Oklahoma by repealing Common Core. I am pleased to join with Rep. Thompson, Ohioans Against Common Core and everyone who supports the repeal of Common Core and the restoration of state and local control of education. Ohio’s children deserve nothing less.”

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