We Will Not Conform 2

REBROADCAST – Tuesday, July 29th at select theaters. View locations here.

OHIO – You did it!! The only states with higher attendance and tweets, California, Texas and Florida had nearly two to three times as many theaters! So based on population…

WE WERE #1! 

Hey Columbus, can you hear us now? WE WILL NOT CONFORM!

Rescue your children from the state, reclaim your classroom and restore your country.



What Every Parent Should Know About Common Core-OACC

What Ohioans Need to Know About Common Core

Action Item – Ohioans Against Common Core will be part of live event from Dallas! Let’s fill the theaters and capitalize on meeting other Ohioans concerned about Common Core. This will be a great opportunity to build our group and our forces for repeal. Please see details below.

Join fellow concerned Ohioans at one of Ohio’s thirty-two locations for an evening of discussion and action to defeat Common Core in Ohio and nationwide. This will be a live, interactive simulcast, intended to draw on the successful work of grassroots efforts going on in states across the country. Various leaders of the anti-Common Core movement – including state grassroots leaders along with conservative media and organizations – will headline the event live from the Dallas studios into over 650 theaters across the country. Get tickets here.

Ohio is receiving particular attention for the event.  As the bellwether state, Ohio’s repeal status is of significant national importance. We have the fourth largest number of theater locations, and the highest among states with active, viable repeal legislation. Heidi Huber, leader of Ohioans Against Common Core, will be part of the live production from Dallas as a member of the Grassroots Desk along with Emmett McGroarty of The American Principles Project, Heather Crossin of Hoosiers Against Common Core and Dana Loesch, conservative talk show host and star of “Dana” on The Blaze TV Network. Other desks include – ‘Political’ with Jenni White of Oklahoma and David Barton, ‘Education Alternatives’ with Dr. Terrence Moore and Pat Gray, ‘Research’ with Shane Vander Hart of “Truth in American Education” and ‘PR’ with Michelle Malkin and Steve Deace.

Ohioans Against Common Core has a team covering every location who will be distributing information on the truth behind Common Core and Ohio’s effort towards full repeal. Just look for the team wearing red “No Common Core” t-shirts with #DischargeOhHB237 on the back!  There will also be several locations where Ohio House Members will join in, welcoming constituents and sharing why they have signed the Sub HB237 Discharge Petition and joined the effort. They will also be donning the matching t-shirt, so please make sure to thank them and acknowledge their support to END COMMON CORE IN OHIO! A special THANK YOU to Rep. Andy Thompson and Rep. John Adams for leading the legislative charge for repeal!

A side note: Ohio House Education Chairman-Gerry Stebelton, appears to be suffering some angst over the Beck event.  He seemed a bit preoccupied with denouncing Beck’s legitimacy last week. Rep. Stebelton’s elitist response to Washington County GOP’s Resolution rejecting Common Core completely ignored the Republican National Committee’s same rejection and basis. He instead tried desperately to convey Beck as the single source of Common Core opposition.  A coincidence? We think not. Remember, nothing happens coincidentally with the C’bus crowd. They are realizing the all but certain implosion of this egregious attempt to control our children’s education is about to happen on their watch. Truth always triumphs.

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