imagesIn the following video clip, Dinesh D’Souza exposes the false morality of Obamacare with an insightful analogy about a sandwich. The clip is just over a year old, but it is a good reminder of why Obamacare was fundamentally flawed from the outset.

Don’t let the press’ coverage of Obamacare’s system failures throw you off the mark.  The health exchange rollout could have gone perfectly and Obamacare would still be a disaster.

It is not the technical failures that are causing millions to lose their health care and insurance premiums to rise.  The underlying cause of the Obamacare debacle is the inherent immorality of taking from some to give to others.  Everything has an economic price – including the forceful transfer of wealth – and the country is paying that price now.

As D’Souza suggests in his remarks – only pure charity can allow for the transfer of goods without exacting a pecuniary price.  The sense of good will a person feels for giving to another is just compensation and fuels voluntary wealth transfers.  Obamacare and government welfare of any kind short circuit the benefits of brotherly love and create new problems without adequately addressing the old.