House Republicans were unified today in their support of the Graves which passed  230 -189, one Republican voting against, Rep. Scott Rigell (Va), and two Democrats voting for the bill, Reps. Jim Matheson (Utah) and Mike McIntyre (NC).                         images-1

The bill defunds and delays Obamacare and fully funds the federal government at sequestration levels for one fiscal year.

After the vote, the Republican caucus met in the Rayburn Room to demand the Senate join with the US House and the majority of Americans who are working to delay and defund Obamacare while fully funding the federal government.

Senator Graves issued a statement in which he stated,

“Now, senators must prepare for the most important vote of their careers. Will they listen to the American people, or will they impose Obamacare on a country that desperately wants relief from the law. Will the people of Arkansas be heard, or ignored? Will the people of North Carolina be stuck with fewer hours and jobs, or will the Senate act to protect them? Will part-time workers in Louisiana suffer, or be saved from Obamacare? Senate Democrats now have to choose whether to fight for their constituents or follow Harry Reid.”

The OLC salutes the Ohio Republican House members all of whom listened to their constituents and voted for freedom and fiscal responsibility.

Thank you as well to all Ohioans who made your voices heard and who have been working diligently to put an end to Obamacare since its passage in March 2010. The fight is not over yet, but we have leaped another hurdle today.