All over Ohio candidates running for governor are trying to use their political ties and recruiting efforts to get party endorsements and we’ve seen some county parties endorsing in October. Greene County had their CC meeting last night and as the Freedom caucus chair I heard rumors that Mike DeWine supporters were going to attempt to make a motion to endorse him for Governor. The leadership of the party elected last year backed by the Freedom Caucus members did not want to have any endorsement of any candidate last night and wanted to wait until February after candidate petitions are in to hold an endorsement meeting. The endorsement motion for Mike DeWine never materialized as many expected and the committee voted 69-13 to delay any endorsement until February. Mike DeWine lives here in Greene County and his supporters must have been counting their votes and determined they didn’t have the votes to endorse and if it failed it would be a huge embarrassment for Mike DeWine not being endorsed by his own county party . I posted this to demonstrate the power precinct captains had in deciding the issue of endorsement last night. Many local county parties will be having their elections for central committee members in the May primary and the filing deadline is February 7th. We encourage liberty minded citizens to get engaged and run for these very important positions and we are here to assist you in that process. We can change the political landscape one precinct at a time.
Bruce Hull
Co-coordinator of the Liberty Precinct Initiative
GCRP precinct captain #466