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Most people have never heard of party “central committee.” Central committee, with its capacity to endorse candidates in the name of the party, is a tool many establishment politicians use to secure their grip on power in the political parties.

The good news? The gate is wide open for the people to take party central committees back.

  • Membership on central committee begins as an elected office. One person per voter precinct may serve and it only takes five signatures to run.
  • Central committee terms run from two to four years and elections for central committee occur during the primary (filing deadline is February 5th, 2014 for central committee races occurring next spring – Ohio election calendar link).
  • In many cases, no candidate even bothers to run. When this happens, the resulting “open seats” are generally appointed by establishment politicians in support of their friends.
  • If individual citizens are willing to run for these positions, they can boot out the establishment and bring the political parties back to the people.
  • In Ohio, there are less than 10,000 central committee positions. In a state of 11,500,000 people, we should be able to find at least one person per precinct who believes in fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets to run.

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