imagesFirst Capital Tea Party of Ross County is focused on Social Security reform and U.S. Senate Democrats’ stonewalling of this issue.  The group discussed the following points at their January meeting which were brought to light from the research of Alan Davis, one of the group’s members:

  • Statements in the media from certain Democrat Senators, most notably Senators Dick Durbin and Harry Reid, have misrepresented the urgent nature of the need for Social Security reform and have gone so far as to suggest that Social Security does not add to our nation’s debt.

Social Security does not add one penny to the deficit.   Social Security untouched will make every promised payment for more than 25 years…The Social Security program, as it’s currently put together, does not have any impact on the deficit.”  Senator Durbin, Meet the Press, February 20, 2011.

Social Security has not contributed one penny to the deficit, … It’s in great shape for the next many decades.  Let’s worry about it when it’s a problem – today it’s not a problem.”  Senator Reid, The Fiscal Times, March 28, 2011

  • President Obama’s cabinet, however, tells a different story.  The Secretaries of Treasury, Labor, and HHS all serve as Trustees of the Social Security Trust Fund and have asked Congress to enact policies to stabilize the program.
  • In OMB’s 2014 budget, Social Security payroll tax receipts are reported to be $1.8 trillion less than Social Security outlays over the next ten years.  See table here.  This underfunding of our Social Security obligations is unsustainable.

Mr. Davis has contacted the Secretary of Treasury about the imbalance between Social Security receipts and payments.  He received a response acknowledging the validity of his concerns.  The Treasury Department’s response to Mr. Davis’ inquiry can be found here.

First Capital Tea Party has drafted a letter to Senator Sherrod Brown urging him to stand behind President Obama’s cabinet in calling for quick action by Congress to shore-up Social Security.  First Capital group members have forwarded 25 letters to Senator Brown and they urge OLC members from around the state to do the same.  Please find their letter to Senator Brown here and please consider printing it and sending it to Senator Brown with your signature.

Mr. Davis also created an excellent flyer regarding Social Security reform which he distributed to House and Senate lawmakers during a recent trip to Washington D.C.  The flyer summarizes the position various Congressional leaders have taken on this issue along with quotes from key representatives.  Please find the flyer here.

President Obama has frequently called for the end to partisan politics so that Congress can move forward with the priorities of the nation.  The need for Social Security reform is an issue that Democrats, Republicans and Tea Party members can all get behind.  Senator Brown has the opportunity to lead on this issue in the U.S. Senate while standing with President Obama’s cabinet.  It is the right and responsible thing to do.

Please join First Capital Tea Party as they advocate for the stabilization of a program that affects every single working and retired American, not to mention our children who will be the heirs of our fiscal decisions and any missed opportunities at reform.  Please forward your letter to Senator Brown today.

More information can be requested by sending a note to this email address.

Draft Letter to Senator Brown regarding Social Security reform can be found here.

Department of Treasury’s response to Alan Davis can be found here.

2014 OMB Budget, Table S-5, “Proposed Budget by Category” can be found here.

Flyer regarding Social Security Reform can be found here.

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