2014 PrimaryThe political parties are nothing more than the people who serve in them.  If you want to change our state’s direction, you must change the people in charge.

February 5th, 2014 is the filing deadline for petitions to be submitted to run in the 2014 Primary Election for county central committee, state central committee, state Representative, state Senate and many other races.

Would you consider running for one of these important positions?

In particular, central committee members on a state and county level play an instrumental role in selecting and endorsing future candidates. They can have a huge say on which candidates ultimately appear on the general election ballot. Hundreds of regular citizens are now needed to run for central committee positions statewide.

Here are the numbers of valid signatures required to run for each position (Note: you can’t sign your own petition):

  • 5 valid signatures for county central committee (i.e. precinct representative).
  • 5 valid signatures for state central committee.
  • 50 valid signatures for state Representative.
  • 50 valid signatures for state Senate.

Signatures should be collected from people within your own party and come from people residing in the political district that you wish to represent. Learn more from your local board of elections or the Ohio Secretary of State’s office.

Here are a few helpful links.

Note: Petition forms are printed on legal sized paper front and back. Local county board of elections should have blank forms available.

To place our state on a more fiscally responsible, Constitutional, and free market path, we need conservative, everyday citizens to step up and serve in these important positions all across Ohio. Now is the time to get involved.