Please watch the following video of Ethan Young, a high school senior, tear apart the Common Core Standards.

Mr. Young brings up many strong points:

  • The Standards were a product of unaccountable non profits – not state elected officials and teachers.
  • The Standards focus too much on data gathering and performance measurement.
  • Teachers are teaching to standardized tests churning out one size fits all students instead of providing a broad and enriching curriculum.
  • The Standards are too focused on career development and college readiness rather than inspiring students to love learning and to explore their passions and talents.  Children develop at different rates and pressuring them to make career decisions at a young age cuts off pathways far too early in life.
  • Ethan pleads to have the schools teach to “free minds” as our founders had envisioned.  At what point did schools become workplace readiness factories rather than hallowed halls of learning?

It will take more young people like Ethan speaking up to rid our schools of Common Core.  Too often school officials see parents as meddling and ignore their concerns.  When the students, the guinea pigs of the Common Core experiment, start rejecting the Standards outright, perhaps the education bureaucracy will begin to listen.