Christopher Stevens

Memorial Day just passed.  We honored those who fought and died for freedom and we celebrated their sacrifice with special moments we shared with our own family and friends, moments that were made possible by the willingness of the American soldier to lay down his life for his country.

Four such men died recently and the truth of their deaths is buried in a cloud of controversy that dishonors their memory.  Questions about cover-up, talking points and where our President was during their heroic demise, unintentionally get in the way of remembering these men and what they did the night of September 11, 2012 to save the lives of 33 Americans who were trapped inside the Benghazi consulate.
The Benghazi inquiry should and must go on, but it is dismaying to watch the Obama administration scramble to shield themselves from responsibility for the deaths of men who gave so much to the cause of freedom.  Two of them, former Navy Seals, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty, disobeyed orders and threw themselves at death’s door so that others could live.  True character comes through when the chips are down and these men fought for 8 hours waiting for relief that never came.

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods

Charles Woods, parent of Tyrone Woods, expresses a father’s frustration with politicians who grapple with truth in the face of his own son’s absolute surrender to fate,

“But it would be nice if, when politicians speak, you wouldn’t have to say, well, are they telling the truth or how much of this is true?  You shouldn’t have to weigh it.  Truth is always the best and the most powerful way to express something.”

Woods and Doherty did not need to die that day, nor did Ambassador Christopher Stevens and State Department computer specialist Sean Smith, both of whom had repeatedly requested more security for the Benghazi post.  Pat Smith, mother of Sean, poignantly describes her rightful disappointment with our government,

Sean Smith

“Well, he was not one of those macho people, but he was a very brave kid.  And yes, he was my kid. And he was a computer guy and he did tell them, ahead of time.  He typed it into his little typewriter over there, that they were going to be attacked, ‘please they needed more security,’ and they were ignored.  And I don’t appreciate everybody going to bed and going to sleep and not taking care of the guys that they put in harm’s way, one of them being my son.”

The injustice these men faced at the hands of their own government and their heroic deeds despite it are passionately described by Bill Whittle in this video.  And, Senator Ted Cruz in National Review and Larry Bell in Forbes give straightforward accounts of the Benghazi terrorist attack and the Obama administration’s failed response.  Please watch, read and share with your family and friends so that the truth of what happened that night in Benghazi is spread.

Let’s remember these men, who they were and what they did for our country.  As the Washington Post reports, Secretary of State John Kerry paid homage to them at a May 3rd ceremony in Washington which Pat Smith was able to attend, not through the generosity of our own government who failed her, but through the good will of Sean Hannity who paid her way to honor her son. Jennifer Braceras in her Boston Herald  piece also recognizes each man and powerfully explains why we must not forget their heroism despite Secretary Kerry’s call to “move on”.

Americans don’t cut and run and we don’t leave our countrymen behind.  What happened to Stevens, Smith, Woods and Doherty on September 11, 2012 was wholly unAmerican. The Obama administration needs to be held accountable.  We need persistence on the part of the Republicans to get to the bottom of the matter and we need outright truth from the Obama administration whose actions were crassly inexplicable in a time of crisis.  The truth simply needs to come out if we are to give these men the tribute they deserve and protect other Americans abroad from the same fate.

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