Capitol Hill Building . Washington DC.Due to nationwide tea party pressure, Speaker Boehner has withdrawn his plan to separate Obamacare defunding from the House spending bill which would have funded the government at sequester levels through December. Splitting the defunding language from the core spending bill was unacceptable to House conservatives and to tea party groups as the defunding amendment was sure to be thrown out once it reached the Democrat Senate. Thanks to all OLC members who made calls yesterday in opposition to House leadership’s scheme.

Fox News reports that Speaker Boehner did not have the votes to pass his plan, but sources tell Fox he has not given up on it and may reconsider it as early as next week. So while grassroots conservatives have won a short-term victory, those in the Obamacare fight for the long-haul need to remain vigilant.

Conditions, however, appear to be moving in the favor of health care freedom lovers with support for Obamacare continuing to deteriorate and the Obama administration’s poll numbers falling as well. With the political environment weakening for Democrats, grassroots conservatives now more than ever need to make their voices heard so that Republican leadership at both the federal and state level stay the course and do everything they can to defund and block Obamacare and its offspring here in Ohio, Medicaid expansion.

Read the Fox News article, “House pulls spending bill amid backlash as government shutdown looms”, here.