With all the attempts to sway Electors before they vote on Monday in the Electoral College, I thought that you would appreciate reading the perspective of one Ohio Elector who has been the subject of this effort by the left to change the outcome of the Presidential election and over turn your vote:

I have the honor and the privilege to cast my vote as an elector for our president-elect, Mr. Donald Trump. For the past 3 weeks, I have been sent letters from all across the country, getting phone calls, messages on Facebook and Twitter asking me to vote for Hillary Clinton or anyone but Donald Trump. Most of the letters are form letters with a lot of nasty comments about Mr. Trump and why they think he is unfit to be president. The usual reason is because Hillary had the most votes and I should go along with the popular vote across the country.

So, what would happen if we didn’t have the check and balance of the electoral college and depended solely on a democratic vote? For states like mine, we would cease to have a voting voice in the United States.

In my state of Ohio, the majority of voters voted for Trump. The same in other states, the majority of voters voted for Trump in their state, that’s why he won. In places like New York, California, and Illinois, with the largest populations in the United States, Hillary won. So how fair would it be that these places would dictate who would be president, every time because they have the largest population of people?

No matter how many people voted in your state, if they didn’t go along with the majority of people in large populated states, they would never win, never have a voice. Pretty soon, people would start moving out of their state to these large populated states so they would have a voice. Who wants to live in a place where you never win? Thank God we live in a Constitutional Republic and not a Democracy.

So, in this election, Ohio citizens voted in favor of Donald Trump. Donald Trump won Ohio. They should have a voice and that’s where the electoral college steps in so they do. It’s NOT to “weed out” candidates that sore-losers think are unqualified or unfit in their eyes. Honestly, I’m tired of what professional politicians have done to our country.

I intend to make sure that the state of Ohio’s majority vote is honored by my electoral vote for President elect Donald Trump. Also, like my fellow Americans, I think he is the best person to help our country get out of this nightmare we have been living in for the past several years.

I do have a question for all these people asking me to do my patriotic duty, keep to my morals, do the right thing and vote my conscience, where were you for the last 8 years while our country was being systematically torn apart and destroyed? Why weren’t you concerned with the current administration shredding the Constitution with regulations & executive orders? Were you concerned that the IRS was keeping non-profit conservative groups from getting their tax-exempt status? Where was your outrage over Hillary ignoring the calls for help by 4 Americans in Benghazi? What about our jobs that have been shipped over seas because of NAFTA? How about the corruption of the Clinton Foundation? Are you concerned about the culture of death we live in, do you care about tax payer funded Planned Parenthood selling baby parts, or are these babies just a clump of tissue to you? If you turn a blind eye to these things, then we are not on the same morality page and you need to look up your “facts” that have been spewed out at me in your letters. There are a lot of issues with them. You keep telling me you’re scared of Trump being our president, take a look around, our country is on fire and burning down! Hillary would have finished it off because she’e working from the same play book as the current Administration. Open your eyes, look at all sides of the story. Wake up!