I’m tired of the establishment Republicans telling me that if I like 80% of the candidate, then I should jump in and give 100% support – BULL CRAP.

I want 100%.  When I hire an employee,  we define the job,  I don’t want it 80% complete,  I want it 100% complete.

When I hire someone to fix my roof,  I want 100% fixed, not 80%

When I buy a new car,  I don’t want a car that only 80% of the stuff works,  I want ALL of the car to work.

I want 100%.  When a Candidate runs on a platform,  I will not accept 80% performance. I DEMAND 100%

If the Republican candidate says they will give me smaller government, then I don’t want them implementing Big Federal Government programs.  I don’t want Obamacare, I don’t want Common Core, I don’t want crony government. I WANT SMALLER GOVERNMENT.

If the Republican says they want responsible spending, Then I want a balanced budget, not a continuing resolution that barrows more money from our children to pay for their pet projects

If they say they are for traditional marriage,  then I want to see them fighting for it.

If the party platform says it is pro-life,  then I don’t want my representative accepting an 80% reduction in abortions,  I want NO ABORTIONS.

Ohio Republican Party has no Platform.

There is no yard stick to measure their performance. How can we hold them accountable to 10, 20 80 or 100%.  The Ohio GOP represents NOTHING, NADA, ZERO , ZIP, ZILCH.  They cannot be held accountable because there are no standards for them to be measured against.

DEMAND a platform,  Make the candidate tell you exactly what they will do and NOT do,  HOLD them accountable for 100% of their actions.

Until we DEMAND 100%  the candidates that we elect will continue to only give us 80%. – Tell your candidates that you will NOT accept 80% performance.

John McAvoy
Original article can be seen at Toledo Tea Party