Saturday, December 5th, Huntley, IL

While most people are spending today Christmas shopping, putting up the tree, just relaxing, or watching the latest game,  Conservative, Liberty, 912, and Tea Party group leaders across Illinois decided to spend today learning and exchanging ideas with NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) / Toledo Tea Party founder John Mc Avoy.

Today’s 7 hour agenda will focus on many topics to include:  Why groups MUST remain autonomous (our strength),  Why groups MUST communicate with each other (our weakness), Organizing a statewide service organization, Power of the Political Action Committee, The importance of data collection,  Groups can endorse candidates. The new “Newspaper” – electronic media, Selling your ideas – Marketing concepts will make or break you,  Plus tools, resources, ideas.

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(One of the important concepts that is being demonstrated today is how this one simple post that was made on the Ohio Liberty Coalition web site at 10am will expand across Ohio, Illinois, and the United states, within hours) @OhioLiberty

Whats unusual about today’s workshop, it wasn’t organized by one of the huge national organizations.  It was conceived, organized, and arranged by everyday conservative group leaders from two separate states, who understand the strengths and weaknesses of our movement, and are willing to come together to strengthen and learn from each other.  If we’re able to expand this concept across Ohio, Illinois and the rest of our country,  we’ll be one of the most powerful forces to be reckoned with.

How did this get started?

Carol Davis, founder of the West Suburban Patriots Group said:

“At our September regional meeting, a program called Ohio Conservatives United (OCU) came to our attention   The  intriguing part of the OCU program was,  it not only seemed to be a good approach to getting conservative voters to unite around one candidate,  BUT,  the OCU program united so many Conservative, Liberty, 912, and Tea party  groups in Ohio, talking to each other and working together on one project.  We needed to find out how this happened”

Davis continues: “We reached out to OCUs founder Mr. McAvoy to get his ideas on how an OCU type program might work in Illinois.  Mr McAvoy spent an hour or so talking with us on how the OCU program was structured and why it was important to have a Federal Political Action Committee host the program. Mr McAvoy said that the NWOCC would be willing to host a similar program in IL, but the program must be run by an organized team within Illinois who know the lay of the land and were familiar with conservative groups and organizations around Illinois.”

Catherine Portera, Huntley Tea Party said;  “As we talked to Mr. McAvoy,  it was obvious the Tea Party / Conservative movement in Ohio was very effective and organized. After the call, our leadership group agreed that it would be beneficial to invite Mr. McAvoy to Illinois to exchange ideas not only on the OCU program, but more specifically how Illinois could improve its groups membership, outreach, communications,  and the impact they have on the issues we face.”

John McAvoy said:  “I’m honored that the Illinois groups would invite me to talk to them. I think the key factor in getting organizations to unite and work together is they need a common bond to bring everyone to the table. A key factor in Ohio’s ability to organize was the 2008 Obamacare fiasco.  Ohio groups organized themselves and ran a statewide voter initiative to combat Obamacare in Ohio.  This all volunteer, grass roots effort to collect over 1/2 million voter signatures could not have been successful without the unity of Ohio’s conservative groups. The groups made this happen because they were willing to cooperate and communicate with each other.  This effort,  evolved and strengthen what we know of today as the Ohio Liberty Coalition (OLC).”

“I believe the Illinois Conservative United (ICU) program could serve as the stimulus for Illinois  groups to develop and expand their statewide organization.  This is a fantastic opportunity wher two states are getting together an, rolling up their sleeves, and learning from each other new ideas that should allow us to expand our groups and help us get our message out.”


Here we are, Today, Saturday, Dec 5th!

OHIO_ContactAs you’re reading this,  we’re in Huntley, Illinois talking about some of the ideas that will work in both Illinois and Ohio.  If you’re interested in finding out more about the outcome of this meeting or would like to get involved with a conservative group in IL or OH,  Take a photo of the QR code (please share it)


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Below is a sample of some of the things we’re talking about that we do in Ohio!

Statewide service organization

OLC_logo-transparentOhio is fortunate to have many conservative groups, each operate autonomously.  Ohio also has a well organized statewide group, the Ohio Liberty Coalition (OLC).  The OLC’s job is not to provide leadership or direction on politics or issues, this is the job of each individual group in Ohio. The OLC’s job is to provide support, resources, and guidance for the individual groups .  In other words, the OLC doesn’t tell the groups what to do,  but the OLC can help the groups with resources and logistics so the individual groups can meet their goals and objectives..


Political Action Committees

Ohio has several active Political Action committees that support and endorse candidates,
NW Ohio Conservative Coalition
Ohio Citizens PAC
County PACs (i.e. Lucas County Republican PAC)


Resources for groups and candidates

Ohio Liberty Coalition
OLC – Mirror site
Your Name On The Ballot
Ohio Rising
Ohio Precinct Project
Ohioans for Workplace Freedom
Ohioans against Common Core
Ohioans against Agenda 21
Opportunity Ohio
Buckeye Institute
Buckeye Firearms
1851 Center for Constitutional Law
Ohio Liberty Caucus


Author – John McAvoy
NW Ohio Conservative Coalition PAC (Board Member)
Ohio Citizens PAC (Vice President)
Lucas County Republican PAC (Deputy Treasure)
Toledo Tea Party (Founder)
Ohio Liberty Coalition (NW Coordinator Associate)