If you were to write a novel about a corrupt administration targeting its political foes, it couldn’t get more astonishing than what we see unfurling before our very eyes with the IRS intimidation of tea party groups.  On May 17th, the OLC published an article discussing this issue and its worrisome ties to Obamacare given that the IRS has been designated the primary enforcement arm of the dreaded law.  The article pointed out the obvious, if you really want to harass Americans, attacking them over one of their most basic needs, health care, is a pretty powerful weapon.

Imagine, then, our disbelief when we learned from ABC News that Sarah Hall Ingram, the IRS commissioner in charge of tax exempt organizations at the time of the the tea party targeting, is now the director of the IRS’ Affordable Care Act Office.  Is it just a silly coincidence, or was it a deliberate move to take the intimidation of private citizens to a higher level?

The irony was not lost on Senator John Cornyn who introduced the “Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013,” in response to the news.  The proposed legislation keeps the Treasury Secretary, or any delegate, from enforcing the ACA.  Senator Cornyn explained, “Now more than ever, we need to prevent the IRS from having any role in Americans’ health care.”

But, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell summed it up best when he simply stated, “Stunning, just stunning,” for the IRS’ actions speak louder than words.