IRS Unbalanced

IRS Unbalanced

The latest bombshell coming out of the tea party intimidation scandal is the news that the IRS is still to this day targeting tea party groups.  The Washington Examiner reports Ways & Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp released closed door testimony of an IRS agent which revealed tea party applications are still being directed to a “secondary screening”.

The Washington Examiner report goes on to explain that in the absence of new procedures, IRS employees have no clue how to handle tea party applications that are being received.  Too afraid to approve them, employees set liberty group applications aside awaiting directions from above.  Based on the account of the agent whose testimony was released, it is obvious that the IRS scandal has nothing to do with “rogue” employees and everything to do with guidance from superiors.

But, as far as the targeting continuing despite months of investigation, are you really surprised?  IRS officials have been fired or placed on paid administrative leave, but no one is facing any charges even after Lois Lerner who oversaw the so called “rogue” division pleaded the 5th.  President Obama originally feigned deep concern over the matter, but now refers to the IRS intimidation as just another phony scandal. The FBI has yet to interview tea party members who were targeted and the new acting head of the IRS, Danny Werfel, has been accused of obstructing the Oversight Committee’s investigation.  So given this kind of leadership, did anyone truly expect the Obama administration to root out the IRS systems in place which allowed for the targeting and to introduce new procedures to low level staff?

With the IRS scandal, we are not dealing with a group of people that respect the rule of law or the fundamental liberties that have been enshrined in our founding documents.  We are dealing with people who see tea party members as hayseeds, hicks, racists and ignoramuses who don’t know what’s good for them.  The targeting of patriot groups, hampering their activities and fundraising, is just a necessary means to an end for the Obama administration and in their eyes, there is nothing truly wrong here.

For this reason, it is imperative for the liberty movement to continue to stay engaged on the IRS targeting scandal and to support Republicans in Washington who are doggedly pursuing the truth,  Rep. Daryl Issa and Ohio’s Jim Jordan of the House Oversight Committee and Rep. Dave Camp of the House Ways & Means Committee.  You can guarantee their efforts will be obstructed every step of the way and it will take the continued outcry of the citizenry to apply pressure on the Obama administration to comply.

Call Rep. Jordan’s office.  Tell him you are an Ohioan and a patriot that appreciates his efforts in getting to the bottom of the IRS intimidation.  Call your own US Representative and let him know you want the Republicans to stay on this issue until justice is served.  If justice is not realized here, the targeting of Americans for political beliefs will become just another accepted practice in Washington.  The practice will not be overtly outlined in “How To Target” manuals in government offices, but it will become a quiet procedure that subtly occurs when no one is watching and for which there will be no recourse.

The Washington Examiner report can be found here which includes the transcript of the IRS agent’s testimony.

Rep. Issa and Rep. Camp recount the inconsistencies found in their investigation in a Washington Post editorial found here.