As we remember our fallen heroes this Memorial Day, let’s also remember our friend in liberty Jim Woods who passed away on April 30th leaving behind his wife Lisa and five children.jimwoods

Jim served in the Marine Corps from 1964-1968 and served in politics throughout his life as a precinct leader and delegate in Colorado, as co-chair of the Young Americans for Freedom at the University of Colorado, as secretary of the Republican Party in Cobb County, Georgia and as State Representative of the 32nd House District in Georgia.

We all know Jim as a result of his leadership qualities and his insightful messages on issues pertinent to our fight for liberty in Ohio.  Jim and Lisa were instrumental in forming a strong and effective liberty organization in Northeast Ohio founding MCFAN, Medina Country Friends and Neighbors.  The passage of the Health Care Freedom Amendment would not have been accomplished without Jim’s stewardship in that region.  Jim was also key to the fight against Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in Ohio due to his relationship with Speaker Batchelder.  While we ultimately lost that fight, with Jim’s help, we were able to keep the state legislature on our side.

Jim always stood up for what he believed in and kept the dialogue on a high level.  In doing so, Jim set a powerful example demonstrating that we could work together for liberty in Ohio even if there was dissent in how to go about getting there.

Thank you Jim for your efforts in forming a broad and powerful liberty coalition in Ohio.  You were loved by many and will be sorely missed.