Greta holding sample redacted pages from the IRS send to Jordan's House subcommittee

Greta holding sample redacted pages from the IRS sent to Jordan’s House subcommittee

Ohio’s U.S. House Representative Jim Jordan (R) went “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren” to discuss the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the IRS abuse of tea party groups.  The Committee sent a letter to Acting IRS Chief Daniel Werfel demanding the IRS stop obstructing their investigation and reminding him that it is a crime to obstruct a congressional investigation.

Jordan appeared with a stack of documents the Sub Committee received as part of a document request.  Greta was taken aback by the pages and pages of documents that had been completely redacted, nothing but a large blackened rectangle appearing on hundreds of pages.  Jordan queried,

“And so how do you get to the truth when this is the kind of information we are getting from the IRS?”

Greta pointed out Obama’s change of heart on the IRS scandal, originally calling it a serious matter, but now downgrading it to a phony investigation.

Tea party groups need to remain engaged on this issue calling their congressional representatives to ensure the investigation continues to move forward.

Watch the full interview below.  You can also check out our past articles to read about how Ohio Liberty Coalition and Ohio liberty groups have led the charge from the very beginning on this scandal.