Media Trackers Ohio published a revealing article yesterday in which they outlined how the Kasich administration worked closely with the progressive group, UHCAN Ohio, to plan out Ohio’s Medicaid expansion. UHCAN Ohio was the primary opponent of the Healthcare Freedom Amendment all throughout the petitioning process and their Executive Director, Cathy Levine, testified in opposition to the amendment in front of the Secretary of State Ballot Board in 2010.  During the amendment campaign Levine was repeatedly interviewed and made media appearances to speak out against the Healthcare Freedom Amendment. The Kasich administration worked with progressives but never reached out to tea party groups, Ohio Liberty Coalition, The Ohio Project committee, or the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law?  Why not? Doesn’t governor Kasich support the principles of the tea party?


While the Kasich administration publicly insisted no decision had been made, UHCAN Ohio Executive Director Cathy Levine “was in regular contact with the governors’ [sic] office, sharing different budget assumptions, as to ensure they would all land near the same place.”

“The administration was totally transparent about how they were developing their numbers and analysis,” Levine told Kliff. “We went back and forth so we could try to close those differences. They worked very hard on their end on an honest analysis of those numbers.”


Read the entire article, Gov. Kasich Enlists Socialized Medicine Lobbyists to Help Implement Obamacare, at Media Trackers Ohio


John Kasich speaking about "limited government" at April 2009 Columbus Tea Party

John Kasich Signing the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment Petition (Oct. 2010)