President Obama has not always been entirely truthful with the American people, but when he said he was going to fundamentally change America, he was dead serious.  Nowhere is that more true than with our health care.  As John Goodman writes in his Forbes article, our health care system is rapidly changing to a two-tiered, Canadian-style health care system where there will be easy access and high quality care for the haves and long lines and rationing for the have nots.  So Obamacare, the great equalizer, is turning out to be anything but that, and Obama’s promise that we could all keep our health care if we liked it, was just a big lie.

The primary driver of the change is basic economics.  We are embarking on a period where we will see a drastic increase in demand for care while the supply of care will decline.  The insured will increase by 32 million under Obamacare and the coverage required will be the most generous our nation has ever seen.  At the same time, doctors tired of decreasing profit margins and headaches associated with government intervention, will flee the system or will be hired by hospitals where they do not have to manage a large, unprofitable patient load.  All of this means longer waiting times for the average American and poorer care when you are seen.

Not everyone, though, will be burdened with the newly “reformed” health system.  As in Great Britian, a new type of care is emerging for those who can pay, concierge doctors.  These physcians take on a smaller patient base at a higher price.  For the additional money, you receive a doctor advocate who shepherds you through the health care system ensuring you get the treatment you have been accustomed to in the past.  Patients who can pay will receive the VIP treatment, those who can’t, well, they will just have to wait, and thus the rationing begins.  You see, rationing does not always have to be a conscious choice by a government panel to deny you care.  Rationing can occur in a much more subtle, passive way.  The health care system can just wait you out until your problem is not a problem anymore; or worse, until you are not a problem anymore.

To Ohio Project volunteers, this is not new information.  You stood in the rain, cold and heat to collect signatures for the Health Care Freedom Amendment because you knew this day would come.  You acted to protect your familly, friends and even those oh so sure of themselves Obots who told you they already had health insurance so did not need to sign your petition.

But, the game is not over yet.  In a free republic, John Q. Public always has the last word, and we are using it to stop Obamacare by stopping Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.  Medicaid is the future of health care America if we continue down the path laid out above, so it simply must be stopped.  Medicaid expansion is the means by which to put more Americans on the government trough and to lessen the need for private insurance.

John Kasich is performing a great disservice to all Ohioans when he pushes his fellow man to take inferior care for less self-reliance.  Kasich is joining hands with Obama to destroy a health care system that attracts people from all over the world to our shores and that has made advances in medicine few could have imagined even a generation ago.

Let your State Rep and State Senator know that Medicaid expansion is Obamacare with all of its waiting lines, rationing and poor care.  Tell Republican leaders that we will hold them accountable if they thrust Ohioans into a system where the individual is lost amongst a maze of bureaucratic hassles and snafus.  Tell them that Republicans were not put in office to advance Obamacare.  Tell them before its too late.

John Goodman’s article in Forbes can be found here.