Governor Kasich spoke about his economic vision for Ohio at a bill signing ceremony at the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.  Kasich had just put his signature to the mid-term budget bill, the hallmark of which was a package of tax cuts – increasing the earned income tax credit for low-income Ohioans from 5 to 10 percent and accelerating by one year the state income tax cut from 9 to 10 percent.KASICH-signs-mid-budget-review-061614

Media Trackers does an excellent job recapping Governor Kasich’s more memorable remarks from the event, all of which seem to reiterate the theme he touted for much of  2013 – helping the less fortunate with taxpayer money because that’s what the Creator would want.  Kasich told the attendees,

“We had our bumps and all this other stuff on expanding Medicaid, but you know what, we got it done.  And it wasn’t just that, it wasn’t just expanding Medicaid – we’ve been working on this stuff forever.”

“I believe the Creator says, is that ‘There is a rule here about the poor, the disabled, the infirmed.  Ignore them, it’s at your peril.’  I’m not doin’ that.”

It’s uncomfortable to listen to a man sanctimoniously take credit for helping those less fortunate while using other peoples’ money – but it has become a regular thing with John Kasich and something Ohioans will have to get used to, especially since all signs point to his re-election.

Media Trackers ends its article with Kasich’s forced attempt at metaphor:

“To me, it’s two wings of a bird. It’s the economic growth side which is, go about cutting taxes and helping people be rewarded for work, and it’s the other side, which is to help people to get on their feet, help them to grow, help them to have hope, so they can inspire that hope, they can implement, or they can direct that hope into the lives of their children.”

It’s a nice thought to be sure, but one has to wonder how that bird is going to fly with 240,000 new enrollees from Kasich’s Medicaid expansion strapped to its wing.

And speaking of Medicaid expansion and helping people get on their feet, let’s not forget about the CBO report on the Affordable Care Act published in February of this year.  The headline from that report was a decline in full time workers across the U.S. economy of 2.5 million by 2024 due to ACA policies, one of the primary being the expansion of Medicaid.  Turns out the CBO thinks expanding Medicaid to able bodied adults is a work disincentive.

So it will be interesting to see how many of Kasich’s 240,000 Medicaid expansion enrollees are actually helped by his self-proclaimed largesse and what effect his implementation of Obamacare will have on Ohio’s economy.

But, no worries for the governor, he will be off to bigger and better things by 2024.  Let’s just hope there’s not an extended stay in the White House along the way.

Read Media Trackers report of the Kasich signing ceremony HERE.  It includes quotes and video clips from the event.