Helpful Tips. Business Concept.November 3, 2014

Here are a few last minute suggestions for Election Day workers:

1. Dress is business casual – shirt and/or sweater and slacks that are comfortable. Remember to wear comfortable shoes!

2. Small cooler with drinks, snacks, lunch, etc. – there may be a fridge at your facility. You will get 1 hour for lunch and can leave the facility at that time. Lunch can be a bit later since you will be there late. Remember to bring enough snacks to sustain you since we will all probably be there until at least 8:30 PM. You can take restroom breaks or snack breaks during slow periods throughout the day.

3. Take a bag with:

a) Your manual from your BOE training, the election day reference sheet (also below) and the voter processing flow chart (also below)
b) A small flashlight – to be able to see the back of the e-scan – switches & cord inserts are hard to see.
c) A straight edge ruler – put on the perforation line on the ballots – makes it easier to tear them off.
d) Calculator – to tally all the names in the signature poll book and for the ballot accounting chart at the end of the night.
e) Additional highlighters and pens in case you have problems with the ones they send. A pencil is good for doing the accounting chart initially then re-do with ink when accurate.
f) Scissors, to open the ballots, plastic seals, etc.

4. Charge your cell phone the night before the election and/or bring your cell phone charger with you if your battery will not last 16 hours.

Click Here for the Voter ID flow chart prepared by the Ohio Secretary of State which is very useful when processing the voter.

Click Here for our Election Worker Reference Sheet with more information about valid ID and election forms.
Good luck, have a great day and thank you for your service!

Ohio VIP