Are you concerned Ohio politicians are not supporting the bills that matter to you; bills creating wise fiscal policies, greater local control for education, guarantees for religious freedom, stronger gun rights, etc.?
Would you like to help shape these policies but feel you have no easy way to determine what bills are moving through the Statehouse at any given time?  Further, you feel your lone voice would not make a difference anyway?
The Ohio Liberty Coalition wants to change this.
The Ohio Liberty Coalition, working with key legislators at the Ohio Statehouse, will approximately each month highlight one bill currently moving through the Ohio Statehouse. We will summarize the bill, explain why it is important for this bill to be supported (or opposed) by each and every one of us, then provide the text that may be cut and pasted (or verbally conveyed over the phone) into your emails to key legislators.
The whole process should not take more than a few minutes, but voila, if the thousands of people who receive this email message complete this simple process, we the conservatives of Ohio will knock the socks off the Statehouse and provide wind at the backs of our conservative legislators as well as the important bills they submit.
We hope you are looking forward to participating in the “Liberty Bill Project” as much as are we, the Ohio Liberty Coalition.