news announcerIn response to the 10/19/13 op/ed, “LEAGUE: PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE” Ohio Voter Integrity Project’s (Ohio VIP) mission is to do just that.  Ohio VIP is the group that has submitted over 450 voter challenges and anomalies in Hamilton County since August 2012.  Ohio VIP works to ensure that every eligible voter has the right to cast one ballot, regardless of age, race, income and political affiliation in accordance with State and Federal election laws.

People that regularly attend the Hamilton County Board of Election (BOE) meetings know that Ohio VIP’s challenges have been unanimously upheld by the bi-partisan Board over 97% of the time.  So here are the real facts:

Ohio VIP voter challenges are based solely on incorrect registration addresses (i.e. vacant lots, business addresses, post offices, storage units, USPS and UPS stores, mail forwarding centers, fictitious addresses etc…) and challenged in accordance with the law.  You must be registered to vote where you physically reside and intend to return.  Challenges have led to voters updating their voter registrations to their current addresses.  This ensures that voters receive their absentee ballot request by mail and vote in the correct precinct.  It also helps reduce the number of provisional voters and long lines on Election Day.

The investigation into voters that voted absentee and also voted provisionally (referred to in the League’s article) was the action of the BOE, not Ohio VIP.

Ohio VIP’s efforts have uncovered non-Ohio residents voting in Ohio and voters illegally voting for persons other than themselves.

Ohio VIP’s research into the 2012 General Election has revealed that inadequacies in the provisional ballot envelope caused the rejection of potentially hundreds of provisional ballots.  Deeply disturbed by this, Ohio VIP reported the issue to the BOE and Mr. Tim Burke, BOE Board Chairman referred the findings to the Ohio Secretary of State.

Also in connection with the 2012 General Election, Ohio VIP reviewed voter registrations submitted by FieldWorks, a community organizing group out of New York, because FieldWorks claimed that some registrations were “potentially fraudulent.”  Ohio VIP found this to be untrue, contacted registrants and encouraged them to contact the BOE so that his/her voter registration would not be thrown out.

Ohio VIP applauds the outstanding work of the BOE and appreciates the immeasurable cooperation from Board staff in our mutual effort to accurately maintain the voter rolls in Hamilton County.

The League states that “citizens must speak up to protect the rights of voters.”  That is what Ohio VIP has and will continue to do.   By helping to maintain the accuracy of our voter rolls and exposing voter fraud, Ohio VIP works to preserve the integrity of the vote for all, which is fundamental to our democracy.  Now that the truth is known, is Ohio VIP wasting the BOE’s time or performing an important public service? You decide.