The Republicans for a New Lucas County announced today that former Ohio Senator Mark Wagoner will be heading up the effort to oust Lucas County Republican Party Chairman Jon Stainbrook.


Below is the letter released by the RNLC.

Want to know what you can do to help oust Stainbrook, Please goto the RNLC web site, and sign up. (CLICK HERE)

Republicans for a New Lucas County
PO Box 351265

6020 W Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43635

Dear Friend,

The Lucas County Republican Party has failed us for the last decade. For far too long, the Democratic Party has dominated Lucas County, even as Republicans have made gains across the state and in every other local county. This cannot continue. A strong and vibrant local Republican party is crucial to promoting conservative governance where we need it most – here at home, in our local government.

With your help, we can revitalize the Lucas County Republican Party! It starts with a change in leadership, which is why we are supporting Mark Wagoner to be the next Chairman of the Lucas County Republican Party, and urge you to join this important effort!

It’s no secret that the Lucas County Republican Party is dysfunctional and ineffective. Other local county parties had resounding successes in 2016, with first-time Republican county commissioners being elected in Erie, Ottawa, Wood and Fulton Counties. These important wins in Democratic areas were made possible through strong local Republican leadership and organization.

In stark contrast, the Lucas County Republican Party was an abject failure in 2016. We went 0-9 in countywide partisan races. Our party performed in the bottom 5 percent of Ohio’s 88 counties. In fact, we have gone nearly a decade without a single Republican candidate winning a countywide partisan race.

This isn’t due to poor candidates or a losing message. The responsibility for these never-ending electoral disasters falls at the feet of the feckless county party, and it must change to ensure that Lucas County doesn’t fall any further behind the rest of the state in terms of jobs, economic growth and quality of life.

It’s time for a new direction, and we cannot do it alone!

Mark Wagoner and his team have a plan to get the county party back on a winning track and break away from the losing status quo. Here are a few ways we can start:

  1. Revitalizing the party:
    1. Recruiting quality candidates – Good races start with good candidates. The Toledo Blade has recognized in an article entitled “Recruiting Vexes Local GOP Chief” that the current chairman “wasn’t able to complete his primary job – recruiting candidates to run against Democrats.” It’s time for new direction. Mr. Wagoner was proud to have introduced Tom Waniewski, the first truly competitive Republican candidate for Mayor of Toledo in more than a decade. Many more quality Republicans want to be involved – and we will actively recruit them.
    2. Supporting quality candidates – There is more than just recruiting quality candidates – our candidates must be supported too. We have a plan to provide the resources, including technology, data, and voter outreach, needed to run and manage successful campaigns. We have been involved with a number of successful campaigns all around Ohio, and we’re excited to bring those winning strategies to our local party.
    3. Training quality candidates – In addition to quality candidates and providing the right tools, we need to provide the proper training to make sure our candidates are well prepared for the campaign trail. We have plans to create a candidate college where experienced campaigners will mentor new candidates and help to accelerate their learning curve. There will also be weekly campaign meetings, so candidates can coordinate their activities to maximize their impact.
  2. Working collaboratively with grassroots groups: The energy in any campaign comes from its grassroots. Phone banks must be staffed, doors knocked, and voter contact made. Relationships with these groups need to be cultivated. Elections are a team effort – and fostering a winning, collaborative environment is the key to success. Mark will work to restore the Lucas County Republican Party’s relationships with these important grassroots groups.
  3. Funding a competitive party: Campaigns need to get their message out, and that takes money. Over the years, Mark has raised and contributed nearly $1 million to help elect Republicans throughout Ohio. There are untapped Republican donors in Lucas County, who are not willing to contribute to the Lucas County Republican Party with its current leadership. Just last month, he co-hosted an incredibly successful event with the Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna Romney McDaniel and Ohio Republican Chair Jane Timken and we plan to continue that success at the local level.
  4. Ensuring ethical government: Republicans need to provide sound government, not headlines that embarrass the local party. Just take a look at the Board of Elections, where according to the Toledo Blade our local party has contributed to “a deep rooted culture of dysfunction.” Election officials characterized the Lucas County Board of Elections as a “casserole of nonsense.” The Toledo Blade further commented that “[a] new report ordered by Ohio’s chief elections officer details — again — the dysfunction at the Lucas County Board of Elections: a lack of leadership and accountability for basic daily operations, deficiencies in managing public property and records, and a pervasive institutional climate of “mistrust and paranoia.” Toledo Blade. And the Toledo Blade just asked in March of this year: “Who in their right mind would return [our current Lucas County GOP chairman] to the elections board in any capacity?”