Former Republican State Representative Matt Lynch today filed his petitions for the 14th Congressional primary to be held on March 15, 2016. Lynch had announced last June that he intended to challenge Republican incumbent Dave Joyce for the seat. “Congressman Joyce is the poster child for what’s wrong with Washington”, Lynch said, “Joyce has consistently voted with the lobbyists and political insiders and every Conservative group has graded him with an F”.

In 2014 Lynch ran for the seat and despite a late start came within 2500 votes of winning the Republican Primary.  “This time we started early and we now have an organization in every County in the 14th District”, in addition he said, “We have already exceeded our goal to raise $125,000 by the end of this quarter”.

The incumbent, Dave Joyce, reported he had over $600,000 on hand in September, according to Lynch, “Joyce has the big money from the unions and the lobbyists, but my campaign relies upon small donations from real voters who are fed up with phony Republicans who claim they are Conservative but then give Obama everything he wants.” Lynch went on to say, ‘We can only compete with the Big Money lobbyists with a steady stream of donations from our supporters.”

Dave Joyce was appointed to his seat in Congress by the Republican Party when Steve LaTourette resigned. “Dave Joyce has been on the taxpayer’s payroll for 26 years,” Lynch claims that “Voters understand that Congress is broken and it will not change unless we change the kind of people we send to Washington.”

“I support Term Limits to get rid of these professional politicians”, Lynch said “and as a real Conservative Republican I will never vote to increase the debt limit, I will stop Obamacare and make sure we close our borders to protect American jobs and American lives”.