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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Contact: Tom Zawistowski, 330-592-1848,

The individuals below represent five components of this IRS “Targeting” story which Media members have been asking me about.

  • Marion, represents one of the most outrageous requests by the IRS.
  • Justin is an individual citizen who was targeted.
  • Tim’s group received the request about Justin, but has also not yet been granted IRS status because the IRS is trying to force them to be a 501(c)4 when they believe they qualify of 501(c) 3 status.
  • George is one of many individual TEA Party leaders who were personally audited because of their affiliation with the TEA Party.
  • Chris Long has documented evidence of thousands of dollars in lost donations due to the IRS’s tactics.

Please feel free to contact these individuals or call me for more information. Many of them will be at the Press Conference at the Capitol in Washington at 9:15 Thursday morning, as will I, and they will be available for interviews in person

1) Marion Bowers is from the group American PAGE from Fremont, Ohio. 419-332-3259 Cell  Marion’s group indicated on their 1024 Application that their group had a Book Club. The IRS Demanded a list of all books that there Book Club had read and a book report on what the books were about.  Marion sent them the actual books and told them to read them herself!

2) Justin Binik-Thomas 513 745 0806 office or 513 402 2727 cell  Email:  Justin was personally singled out by the IRS in the Liberty Township TEA Party Letter when they asked “Provide detail report of your relationship with Justin Binik-Thomas”  Justin has no connection with the Liberty Township group, but is one of the founders of the Cincinnati TEA Party.

3) Tim Savaglio,  Email: Liberty Township Tea Party  513-779-3598  Cell: 513-519-4314 They are the group who got the question about Justin Binik-Thomas. However, they still have not gotten their IRS Tax Exempt Status because the IRS is trying to force them to be a 501 (c) 4 when they want to be a 501(c)3.

4) The other issue that I have not heard mentioned yet is the fact that the targeting is not limited to Tea Party Groups but extends to the personal tax returns of Tea Party Leaders.  In 2011, Nancy and I were audited.  The IRS agent specifically said it was due to our affiliation with the Cincinnati Tea Party.  I think if you ask around you will find that many of the leaders have been personally hunted by the IRS! George Brunemann, Email:  (513)400-5832

5) Chris Long. President, Ohio Christian Alliance Email: 330-329-0105 Cell. Chris’s group can prove actual damages from the IRS Action. They filed for a 501(c)3 tax status in January of 2011 and waited thirteen months to get approved. During that time, he has documentation of significant donors who withdrew their donations because he was unable to get the 501(c) 3 certification in a timely manner.

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