A June 11th report from Gongwer News Service outlines the latest enrollment figures from the Department of Medicaid for Kasich’s implementation of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion.

243,230 Ohioans enrolled in Medicaid as of the end of May, just five months from the start date of the program.  36,000 applications remain pending approval.

During the Medicaid expansion debate, the Kasich administration told Ohioans that 366,000 people would enroll in Medicaid expansion by end of June 2015.  So just five months into the program and with 13 months to go, Ohio Medicaid is already two-thirds of the way to reaching its June 2015 enrollment forecast for Medicaid expansion.

Looks like the OLC was more on target with Medicaid expansion enrollment projections when in April 2013 we told our members to “Ask Your State Senator About the Numbers” and when we told every Republican State Representative and State Senator in June 2013, “Ohio can’t have serious Medicaid reform without serious numbers.”

Three highly respected sources (Urban Institute/Kaiser, Society of Actuaries, and Milliman) predicted first year enrollment figures for Ohio’s Medicaid expansion to be between 684,000 and 848,00, making Kasich’s estimate the outlier.  (Even more so when Kasich’s team began quoting 275,000 new expansion enrollees after they subtracted from their estimate 90,000 Medicaid recipients who would lose their eligibility under amended Medicaid rules.)

While we heard Kasich’s enrollment estimate bandied about a lot during the Medicaid expansion debate, mums the word on enrollment figures in the mainstream media now that actual numbers are rolling in.

When will Kasich be called on his fraudulent estimates and the billions more in taxpayer expenditures which will be incurred as a result?