HandgunOhio has joined in a 19 state coalition being led by the Wyoming Attorney General’s office to challenge a provision in New Jersey’s concealed carry law. The provision prevents citizens from obtaining a concealed carry permit unless they can prove a need to carry a firearm. Last year the provision was upheld in a ruling by the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals after New Jersey resident John M. Drake sued the state over the restrictive law.

Drake was unable to satisfy the legal requirements for obtaining a permit even though his job involves servicing ATM machines, and carrying large amounts of money. The restrictive law typically prevents citizens from obtaining a permit unless they survive an attack. This was the case with another NJ resident who only obtained a permit after surviving a beating/kidnapping. Drake sees this as an injustice, saying “It seems unreasonable to me to have to wait until you’re beaten up or shot at to get a permit”.

Because the law sets a precedent which could be used at a federal level to erode concealed carry laws in other states, Wyoming Governor Matt Mead directed his Attorney General to petition the Supreme Court to hear the case, saying “If the current decision stands, states providing greater protections than New Jersey under the Second Amendment may be pre-empted by future federal action”.

Whether or not the law will be reviewed by the Supreme Court is yet to be determined.

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