Dear Friends,

For the past week I have been inquiring with the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) about our Ebola preparedness. Tonight my questions were answered and you need to know what is going on.  At 8 pm tonight I was on a conference call with Governor Kasich and the Ohio Department of Health.  Here is what I know about Ebola in Ohio.

Beginning this past July the Governor and his staff began planning and preparation for the possibility of Ebola spreading to Ohio.  The ODH held strategic planning sessions and ordered increased supplies of protective gear such as masks, gowns, etc.  These supplies are now in place and have been increased by 500% at all regional hospitals in Ohio.

This week a nurse who had treated the Texas Ebola patient flew to northeast Ohio arriving through Cleveland Hopkins airport.  The CDC had implemented only a “voluntary” quarantine of Ebola health care workers.  Despite CDC warnings she traveled to Ohio and visited relatives in Akron.  She returned to Dallas and was confirmed to have the Ebola virus.

In response, Ohio has adopted a “mandatory” quarantine policy.  Family members in Akron are under mandatory quarantine and will remain so for at least three weeks.  At least one family member has left the State and presumably (hopefully) is being contacted by the CDC.  At least, two family members are employed at Kent State University but are now under quarantine in their homes.

The Governor has flown a CDC “tracking” team to Northeast Ohio to follow any family members or other contacts who may have been exposed to Ebola.  It is hoped that no further cases will develop.  I urge you to be in prayer for all those afflicted.

Earlier today I began an online petition on Twitter at #StopEbolaFlights demanding that all flights from infected nations be halted.  Please go to MattLynch.com, my Facebook page or Twitter to sign the petition.  While there is no reason to panic, common sense dictates we prevent the spread of this disease.

As circumstances warrant I will keep you informed.  You can contact me anytime as follows:

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Matt Lynch

Ohio State Representative