The Cleveland Plain Dealer has prepared a voter guide for Northeast Ohio, and in doing so, asked a question we are all curious about: where do congressional candidates stand on the straight repeal of Obamacare.

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The Plain Dealer provides the congressional candidates’ unedited responses in its article as well as a link to the Cleveland Plain Dealers’ Northeast Ohio voter guide.


“Do you favor or oppose a straight repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), which includes employer and individual mandates, subsidies for some individuals and businesses, contraceptive coverage and the ban on denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions? If you were part of Congress during previous votes on this issue, state how you voted?”

Response Summaries (See article for complete responses.):

  • Gibbs (R, 7th):  repeal it, replace it
  • May (R, 9th):  repeal it, make “bipartisan” reforms
  • Zetzer (R, 11th):  repeal it, health care needs “market reforms”
  • Joyce (R, 14th):  opposes Obamacare, but  his response did not say to repeal it
  • Renacci (R, 16th):  repeal it, replace it with Republican offered solutions
  • Macko (L, 14th):  repeal it, replace it “with freedom”
  • Hoffman (I write-in, 9th):  keep it, expand it, add a public option
  • Skalsky (I write-in, 9th):  keep it, and move to a “universal coverage, single payer, and not for profit” system
  • Kaptur (D, 9th):  keep it
  • Fudge (D, 11th):  keep it, adjust it
  • Wager (D, 14th):  keep it, improve it
  • Crossland (D, 16th):  keep it, make it better

Did Not Respond:

  • Pekarek (R, 13th)
  • Ryan (D, 13th)
  • Pastorius (R write-in, 13th)

See the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s full article HERE.