This is a change…  Understanding the reality of gerrymandered districts,  the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition says its looking for a moderate/conservative Democrat to run against the liberal Rep Marcy Kaptur (OH9) in the Primary elections.

Rep Kaptur has been the District 9 representative since  1983.  Many District 9 Democrats are not happy with Rep Kaptur’s continuing rubber stamping of liberal issues and have contacted NWOCC  for help. The NWOCC has worked with conservative democrats before.

The following article appeared on the Toledo Tea Party web site..  If you know of a conservative Democrat in District 9 who would like to take on Rep Kaptur, have them contact the NWOCC.


Conservative group looking for Democrat to run against Re Kaptur in OH9

Help Wanted.  Are you a Democrat who is fed up with the shenanigans of your party.  Do they still represent you or have they gone so far left that they only represent themselves. Want to do something about it?

Contact the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition.  They are actively looking for a qualified person to run against Rep Marcy Kaptur.

Rep Kaptur has been District 9s representative since 1983, yes, she has been the district 9 rep longer than most of the voters have been alive. She doesn’t really do anything except rubber stamp the Democrat Party leadership.

Its time for some new blood in District 9. Leave your information on the Contact form and we will make sure it gets passed to NWOCC.