On Monday night,  the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) hosted a panel discussion as to why Conservatives should, or should not, support Donald Trump.

The standing room only event was opened with a prayer from Greg Schlueter and the Pledge of Allegiance from Ron Johns.  NWOCC Board member John McAvoy then made a brief announcement regarding conservative unity.

John McAvoy said:  “Regardless of your position on Trump support,  we, as a conservative community must NOT allow our differences of opinion on this matter to drive a wedge between us.  We have to many other issues that need our attention, and the only way we can continue our fight is, we must present a united front on these other matters.”

Mc McAvoy then introduced the event moderator, Fred LeFebvre, morning talk show host on 1370-WSPD.  Fred acted as the MC for the remainder of the event.

The panel was made up of Professor Lee Strang, who took the position that Conservatives should support Trump, and Scott Allegrini who took the opposing view,  conservatives should not support Trump.

Both panelist gave a 20 minute presentation to support their views, and then the panel took questions from the audience.

We want to thank Greg Greg Schlueter for taping the presentations and making the audio available to us.

Each presentation is approximately 20 minutes,  and both views present well thought out logic and reason to support the views. Please listen and share these the audio.

Professor Lee Strang’s presentation.

ScottAllegrini_1CLICK HERE
Scott Allegrini’s presentation

We wish to thank the NWOCC, Prof Strang, Mr Allegrini, and Fred Lefebvre for making this event possible.