caduceusThe Liberty Foundation of America released a new short report which details Obamacare cancellations by state.  The report was written by Mary McCleary who also works for Opportunity Ohio.  To read the report, click here:  Obamacare Cancellations Create Headache for Businesses and Policy Holders.

Based on their research, The Liberty Foundation has calculated that at least 5,680,600 plans have been cancelled so far.  The massive amount of cancellations led to Politifact awarding Lie of Year to President Barack Obama for his claim, “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.”  According to The Liberty Foundation’s report, the cancellations we’ve seen so far are just the beginning.  The Obama administration estimates there will be 78 million more next year.

Even in spite of the President telling people he would allow them to keep their plans for another year, many states and insurance companies have refused this offer due to the time constraint and the overall confusion for both policy holders and businesses.  The report states:

In states that have accepted the President’s one-year reprieve, it is up to insurance companies whether or not they want to reverse the cancellations.  In New Jersey, where residents lost 800,000 plans, the largest provider Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield will not accommodate those who want to continue their cancelled insurance.  In a statement made several days ago, the director of public affairs explained:  “Horizon BCBSNJ has been working to implement the Affordable Care Act for the past three and a half years, and undoing our work and essentially creating new plans in three weeks has proven to be impossible.”  Given the time constraint and general uncertainty over Obamacare, it is difficult and expensive for companies to retool their systems to keep up with the whims of the federal government.

You’ll notice what is missing from The Liberty Foundation’s report is data on Ohio.  So far, no information has been published regarding the number of cancelled plans in the state.