Stock Trader Looking At Multiple MonitorsCBS news is reporting today that more are enrolling on Medicaid in state based exchanges than are buying private insurance.

According to the national Medicaid Director, Mark Salo,

“We’re seeing a huge spike in terms of Medicaid enrollments.”

  • In Washington, out of 35,000 enrolled, 87% are in Medicaid.
  • In Kentucky, out of 26,000 enrolled, 82% are in Medicaid.
  • In New York, out of 37,000 enrolled, 64% are in Medicaid.
  • Per Gail Wilensky, a former director of Medicaid,

“Either the private insurance enrollments come up somewhere around the expected amount or there’s going to be a problem. … You need a volume and you need a mix of people that are healthy as well as high users in private insurance, in order to have it be sustainable.”

Industry experts comment that if this trend does not turn around with more healthy, private payers getting involved, it could cause stability problems for the entire health insurance system.

Read the full story and watch the video report from CBS News at this link.