Obamacare’s second annual open enrollment period has been underway for approximately two weeks, but even before it began, the Obama administration downplayed expectations by lowering its projected 2015 enrollment figure by 30%.th

The Congressional Budget Office orginally predicted there would be 13 million Obamacare customers in 2015, but that figure has now been lowered to between 9 and 9.9 million when taking into consideration returning customers and new enrollees.

Fox News indicates that the administration is working hard to have a successful enrollment period this year after the failed rollout last year. The lower projection may help in that regard if enrollment does end up surpassing 9.9 million.

In other Obamacare news, the Washington Times reports that Obamacare offers employers a $3,000 per employee incentive to hire illegal aliens over U.S. citizens.

The employer mandate will be phased in over the next two years for businesses with 50 or more employees. As the mandate comes into effect, businesses which do not offer employees ACA approved health insurance face a $3,000 per employee penalty.

Since Obamacare is only available to U.S. citizens, the penalty does not apply to illegal immigrants who seek amnesty under President Obama’s recent executive order, giving employers a $3,000 reason to hire illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens.

Americans are already finding it tough to find full-time employment in the Obama economy, but President Obama’s amnesty makes it even more difficult.

If Ohioans are looking for any sympathy or leadership on this issue, don’t look to Governor Kasich.  At a recent conference of the Republican Governors Association at the Waldorf Astoria in Boca Rotan, Florida, Governor Kasich did not appear too concerned about repercussions from President Obama’s executive amnesty.

The Columbus Dispatch reported on Kasich’s remarks during a panel discussion moderated by NBC’s Chuck Todd as follows,

“Kasich told Todd he wouldn’t oppose eventual citizenship after a ‘laborious and tough process’ because ‘We’ve got to think about what’s going to bring about healing. . . . Everybody in this country has to feel as though they have an opportunity.'”

“’We don’t need to poison any more wells,’ he (Kasich) said. ‘We’ve got to be careful with the rhetoric because you get too far out on it and people don’t want to deal’ like he and other GOP leaders did with President Bill Clinton to balance the budget in the late 1990s.

“Kasich called the immigration controversy ’emblematic of the overall tone we hear in America today. The country is just too divided. It’s ‘You got your stuff and I got my stuff.’  ”

In summary, Americans should just deal with it so politicians can keep making deals.