obamanetJohn Fund’s piece in the National Review, Obamacare’s Branch of the NSA reveals just how far the Feds will take this centralized control gig given enough leeway by our legislative branch.

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is about to unleash a torrent of patient navigators across America to encourage gullible citizens to enroll in the Obamacare exchanges and access the easy federal dollars that come with it.  It is the same old, tired socialist trap, encourage unwitting persons to sell out their personal sovereignty for a few thousand dollars to buy health insurance they may not even need.

But, Fund tells us it’s worse than that this time.  The plan is to create a “National Data Hub” that will amalgamate data from the IRS, Social Security Administration, Veteran’s Administration, Department of Defense, etc. (Basically from any federal agency that has precious private information on US citizens.  For you Common Core foes, you can bet your children’s data from the Department of Education will be included in the Hub.)  Patient  navigators will have access to the Hub which will contain social security numbers among other sensitive data points opening up a can of worms from identity theft to voter registration fraud.  (Fund notes that California’s Secretary of State  is registering their Obamacare exchange as a “voter registration agency”.)  And because Obamacare implementation is behind schedule, the navigators may be given the go ahead minus the appropriate training and even background checks.  In fact, navigators won’t even be required to have a high school diploma.

Fund quotes Senator Hatch as saying,

“The standards proposed by our department could result in a convicted felon receiving federal dollars and gaining access to confidential taxpayer information.”

When Hatch talks about federal dollars going to navigators, he is talking about $20 to $48 an hour.

The navigators will be recruited from Planned Parenthood, senior advocacy groups and the like.  In Ohio, Gongwer News Service reported* that 36 public health centers have been granted $3.9 million to assist more than 84,000 Ohioans to enroll in the federally run Obamacare exchange.  These positions are not referred to in the article as patient navigators, but assisting with enrollment is what a patient navigator does.

Gongwer pointed out that the announcement of the Ohio health center navigator funding came shortly after Governor Kasich signed HB 3, Rep. Barbara Sears’ bill, which was meant to protect Ohioans from just the kind of abuse HHS is unleashing with unqualified social activists having access to private data on citizens.  The question is then, is the HHS grant to public health centers an end run around HB 3?

The Kasich administration still maintains that HB 3 has some teeth.  Gongwer quotes Lt. Governor and Ohio Department of Insurance head Mary Taylor as saying,

“We were concerned about making sure consumers are protected.  If you sell insurance in Ohio today as an agent or a broker you have to be licensed, you have to have appropriate continuing education so that you’re informed of products and you have to have a background check.  So working within the confines of the federal statute we wanted to provide similar protections.”

Taylor fails to confirm whether the navigators hired through public health centers will be held to the standards outlined in HB 3.

So Lt. Governor Taylor and Rep. Sears, your  intentions with HB 3 as stated are laudable, but appear to be misplaced.  Trying to work within the confines of Obamacare to protect Ohioans from government overreach and abuse is a fool’s errand as the OLC surmised back in May. The Feds will foil you every time.  Respect for the individual and the balance of power is not part of the Obama administration play book.

What you can do

The OLC encourages Ohioans to call Lt. Gov. Taylor  (614-466-3555) and Sears‘ (614-466-1731) offices and ask if the navigators put in place under the HHS grant to Ohio health centers will be held to the same standards for navigators enacted into law by HB 3.  If they say that the public health center employees are not navigators, ask Taylor and Sears how they differ from a navigator.

While you are at it, please also call your State Rep, State Senator and Governor Kasich (614-466-3555).  Tell them, that as proven with HB 3, the Feds cannot be counted on to respect Ohio law so we should not count on them to live up to the guidelines established by our legislature for a Medicaid expansion or to respect any Medicaid reforms that are instituted to further the Kasich administrations’ expansion plans.  Tell them that the only way to defeat Obamacare is not to play the game.

* Volume 82, Report 133, Article 3 Wednesday July 10th “Ohio Health Centers to Get Federal Funding; Taylor Talks ACA, Exchanges”