by Jim Woods, Medina County Friends and Neighbors

obamacare-wreckObamacare is beginning to generate some really ugly numbers. According to Bloomberg, only 49,100 people have enrolled thus far; about 3% of what the Obama administration expected at this point.

Even worse is that the number of new Medicaid enrollees is estimated by CBS News to be 440,000; ten times as many Medicaid enrollees as Obamacare enrollees. The Obama administration expected the opposite. Obamacare needs to have enough new Obamacare enrollees paying more than the cost of their insurance, in order to provide the surplus revenue needed to cover the cost of both Obamacare enrollees who are being subsidized and the new Medicaid enrollees who pay nothing. If this imbalance continues Obamacare will be a financial disaster.

Worse yet is that according to Fox News 4.2 million health insurance policies have already been cancelled due to Obamacare; the number of cancellations is almost 10 times the number of new enrollees for Obamacare and Medicaid combined. Obamacare was meant to provide more people with health insurance, but it is resulting in the opposite.

Republicans in the House of Representatives deserve our praise for consistently trying to alert the public to the dangers of Obamacare and doing everything they could to protect us from them. They were right to stand fast against President Obama even though he threatened to shut down the government rather than compromise on Obamacare.

The shutdown amounted to nothing more than a retroactively paid vacation for “non-essential” government employees. Obama’s prediction of dire consequences was just another lie.