By Matt Lynch
Former State Representative
76th District

While Governor Brown in California proudly proclaims that he will declare the first “sanctuary state” most think that such crazy talk is just part of the noise from the extreme left. The sad truth is that right here in Ohio our politicians are encouraging illegal immigrants to come to your town. The result for Ohio citizens is lower wages, higher taxes, overcrowded schools, and an overwhelmed criminal justice system. All this in the name of political correctness.


• Issuing illegal workers a Driver’s License

• Subsidizing college tuition for illegal immigrants

• Paying to promote amnesty and sanctuary cities in Ohio

In 2012 there were over 100,000 illegal immigrants in Ohio costing the state almost $900 MILLION annually. You can bet that number has gone up in the last few years under the Obama administration. Even if you consider any taxes paid by illegals (many don’t pay at all) it falls far short of the cost to Ohio citizens.

The only winners are the politicians who think they are buying votes and big business which gets cheap labor. So just how did Ohio become a magnet for illegal immigrants?