Are you a conservative candidate or do you know of a conservative candidate that could benefit from assistance or an endorsement from the many conservative PAC’s located throughout Ohio?

If so then please go to Your Name On The Ballot web site and sign up for their registry.

FB_LogoTwo great features added to the YNOB is a registry for Conservative PACs and a registry for Conservative Candidates.  The goal of these registries is to help conservative candidates get matched up with the many conservative PACs that are spread out across Ohio.


Over the past few years many Conservative, Liberty, 912, and Tea Party groups and organizations have started their own Political Action Committees (PACs).  Most of these PACs are willing to help conservative candidates,  but they often have trouble identifying who the candidates are.

Conservative Federal PACs, State PACs, and “Issue Only” PACs can register with YNOB.  When a conservative candidate registers, the candidates information is then forwarded to the PACs for them to vet.

In many cases,  the PAC may decide to “Endorse” a candidate, which can be very beneficial to the candidate.  Also,  in some cases, the PAC may be able to offer financial or logistical support and services to the candidate.

To give you an idea, two Ohio based PACs that are currently signed up are: the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition which is a Federal “Non-Connected” PAC (not connected with any candidate),  and Ohio Citizens PAC, an Ohio state PAC.  Both of these PACs are very active in endorsing and assisting candidates and issues in Ohio.   The Federal PAC is able to delve in Federal elections (i.e. President, US Senate and US House) where the state PACs can do everything but Federal elections.

If you’re a PAC,  CLICK HERE and tell us who you are.

If you’re a candidate, CLICK HERE and tell us who you are.