Program that started in Ohio is being adopted in Florida.

Conservative groups across Florida band together to launch Florida Conservatives United

TAVARES, FL/TOLEDO, OH – July 23, 2015 – Florida’s Conservative, 912, Liberty, and Tea Party groups and their members now have a method of talking to each other about candidates and unity in the March 15, 2016, “Winner Take All” Florida Presidential Primary. Florida’s North Lake Tea Party leaders Andy Dubois and Carol Knighton agree that Florida, Ohio and all the states have the same problem.”If conservative voters don’t unite behind one of the conservative candidates in the upcoming primaries, we lose; and ultimately the American people lose!” Dubois said.

After listening to John McAvoy from Ohio Conservatives United (OCU) on SiriusXM The Patriot’s David Webb Show, Knighton decided to look into bringing the Ohio program to Florida.  Said Knighton, “Listening to what they were doing in Ohio through the Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) , I felt it could be just the solution we’ve been looking for to begin the discussion about building a state-wide consensus behind one of the excellent conservative Republican presidential candidates.“

Andy Dubois agreed, stating, “We know that asking our members to commit to a candidate won’t work.  At discussions before, during and after our meetings, there is a lot of talk about realizing that we can’t split our vote and win in the primaries. We were looking for a way to get everyone in Florida talking about a collaborative effort.”

John McAvoy said, “I spent a couple days on the phone talking to Andy, Carol, and several other Florida conservative leaders about the NWOCC, how the OCU program got started, and how we’ve worked with Ohio conservative groups to tweak and fine tune the program.  I was surprised by what the Florida people asked next!”

The Florida leaders liked everything about the OCU program.  They saw that McAvoy and NWOCC are very active with conservative groups in Ohio, and they’ve spent a great deal of time putting the OCU program together.  They also talked with other Florida groups about the proposal they wanted to make to NWOCC. All agreed that, rather than try and do all this on their own and re-invent the wheel, they would pose a very important question to NWOCC. Knighton said, “So, in a special conference call, we asked if the NWOCC would be willing to host an identical program for Florida,  including a web site, survey,  everything the same as OCU for Florida.”

Florida Conservatives United (FCU) is born.

The site is currently online and is being updated by the Florida leadership team. The FCU Facebook page is up, and a Twitter account has been established. NWOCC will continue to assist FCU with logistical and technical support on these platforms, but the day to day operations and running of the FCU program is the responsibility of the Florida group. They know their groups, leaders, and the lay of the land. Andy Dubois stated, “The genius of the FCU program is its simplicity. It kind of turns Florida into one big table where all of Florida’s conservatives can pull up a chair, sit down, and talk directly to each other about the candidates and what they think about possibly changing their vote to unite around one candidate – if changing their vote is even necessary.”

NWOCC Chairman Linda Bowyer stated “NWOCC knows the importance of Ohio’s conservatives uniting, that’s why we created the OCU program.   We’re happy to see Ohioans are talking to each other; that’s the goal of the program. John McAvoy, who is on our board of directors, has been keeping us apprised of the OCU project and his talks with Florida leadership. We were thrilled when the Florida group asked if we would be willing to host an identical program that would be run in Florida.  It didn’t take a lot of discussion in our board to come to the conclusion that this was the logical solution, and we agreed to host a Florida program.”  The Northwest Ohio Conservative Coalition is a non-connected political action committee registered with the Federal Elections Commission and the State of Ohio.  For more information, visit their webpage or contact them at

McAvoy stated “If you are a Florida conservative group and would more information, please contact Carol Knighton. And if you are from another state and want to talk about what it would take to do this in your state, contact me.”

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