OCRU_Logo_200_200Toledo, OH.

In late April, the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition (NWOCC) launched a unique statewide program that allows Ohio’s conservatives to communicate with each other regarding their choice of conservative Presidential candidates, and their opinion in regards to changing their vote in an effort to unite around a single conservative Candidate.

Ohio Conservatives United (OCU) Spokesman John Mc Avoy says;

“Based on the survey results so far, Ohio’s conservative voters fully understand if they go to the polls split and fragmented amongst the really great conservative candidates, the establishment Republican wins. But if they unite around a single conservative candidate, that candidate has a huge advantage and stands a better chance of winning.”

Who will be the candidate Ohioans might rally behind? Ohio’s conservatives decide, that’s where OCU comes in.

Ohio conservative voters talk to each other in the form of a survey. Conservative groups and organization sign up to administer the survey to their members on a routine basis. The results are forwarded to OCU and placed on their web site for the rest of Ohio to see; all of Ohio can see what all of Ohio is saying.

When Mr. Mc Avoy talks about the survey he says;

“Of Conservatives, By Conservatives, For Conservatives”

To date, over 60 Ohio conservative groups and organizations have contacted OCU wishing to participate in the survey.

The June results have been compiled from the results of 43 groups and 2014 respondents. The surveys were conducted at monthly meetings and by special web based survey set up for each group.

Groups are reminded that participation in this program doesn’t ask for or require a commitment to any candidate or issue. The only commitment OCU asks for is that groups participating in the program conduct the survey on a routine basis , i.e. monthly, and that the results are reported to OCU for posting on the OCU web site.

If your Conservative, Liberty, 912, or Tea Party group or organization is interested in participating in this program, please contact us via the “SIGNUP” page on the OCU web site.