Less than 6 weeks after its launch, the Ohio Conservatives United (OCU) program has become the talk of Conservative, Liberty, 912, and Tea Party groups and organizations across Ohio.  The “talk” isn’t about the OCU,  but what the OCU is doing. Its providing a platform for Ohio’s conservative voters to communicate with each other on three topics; 1) Potential Presidential candidates choices,  2) Uniting behind a candidate, and, 3) get out the vote efforts.


Ohio Conservatives United

On March 15th 2016, Ohio conservative voters will go to the polls and choose from an unprecedented field of highly qualified conservative candidates. Unfortunately for the conservative movement,  Ohio’s establishment Republicans are counting on this large field in order to split the conservative vote.

Ohio Conservative groups and organization are participating in a unique program where conservatives from across Ohio can see what other Ohio conservatives are thinking and talking about regarding their choices about the candidates and possibly unifying around one of the candidates. This creates a statewide discussion of conservatives, by conservative, for conservatives.

The key to generating a statewide discussion is participation by the hundreds of Ohio’s Conservative, 912, Liberty, and Tea Party groups and organizations. Your members will tell the rest of Ohio what they think.

We do not ask organizations or their members to commit to any candidate, we know this doesn’t work. We only ask you to tell the rest of Ohio what you think about the candidates (the survey) and to discuss this with fellow conservatives….”

Communications is power
– When Ohio’s conservative voters talk to each other,  they exchange their ideas, thoughts, and beliefs,  This is the main goal  of the OCU program, to provide a discussion topic, a platform, and a venue for us to have this conversation.

For this conversation to take place,  Ohioans need to know this venue exists and is available, this is where the Ohio Liberty Coalition was able to help.

Earlier this week, the Ohio Liberty Coalition sent an invitation to our subscribers and member groups to participate in this conversation.  For this conversation to be effective,  we urge the leaders of conservative groups and organizations to participate allowing your members to have a voice in this unique conversation.  You can sign up and get more detail on the OCU web site.

Below is the e-mail invitation that went out to all OLC subscribers this week:



The Ohio Liberty Coalition is asking you to participate in this conversation by taking this survey.

What’s this about?
Our friends at Ohio Conservatives United (OCU) have started a statewide conversation that we believe all of Ohio’s conservatives need to be a part of. They are asking Ohio’s Conservative, Liberty, 912, and Tea Party groups and organizations to take part in a survey that lets all of us see what Ohio’s conservative voters are thinking regarding the Presidential candidates and the subject of unity.

Neither the OLC or the OCU is asking any group or person to make any commitments to any candidate, as always, this is your personal choice. What we are asking is that you participate in this conversation.

What you need to do.
Please go to this link and take this survey. Between now and the March primary, you may be asked to participate in this survey again at your group or via e-mail. Yes, the OCU would like wants you take the survey again as people’s minds change, the candidates change, and we need you to be thinking and talking about this .

SURVEY    (NOTE – This survey is closed and completed )



What your group or Organization needs to do.

IMPORTANT – If you are a member of a conservative group and organization, please ask them if they are helping with this survey. The only way this conversation works is if all of Ohio’s conservative voters take part in the discussion.

Your group or organization can signup to participate at:


Thank you

Glenn Newman
Ohio Liberty Coalition

John McAvoy
Chairman, Ohio Conservatives United