January 9, 2013

One year ago in January, 2012, my husband sent a letter of complaint to the Trumbull County Board of Health members exposing corrupt practices of the Environmental Director, Frank Migliozzi. These members are the governing body of the Trumbull County Health Department.

In February, my husband addressed the board at the monthly public meeting during public participation. He went over these same complaints. No one asked any questions or offered any comments. What transpired was a disturbing non-verbal reaction from the Trumbull County Health Commissioner, Dr. James Enyeart. This was captured on video and later posted to our social media site. http://youtu.be/B3erPVdLEZQ

In February, because of the lack of response from the Board of Health and TCHD administration, I began using social media to raise awareness and to bring to light what we uncovered at TCHD. This social media group is on Facebook and is called Trumbull County Septic News. https://www.facebook.com/groups/tcsepticnews/

I posted information and documentation showing lack of enforcement by TCHD where friends or prominent members of Trumbull County were involved. These prominent members included the County Sheriff, Thomas Altiere, and TCHD’s attorney, Robert Kokor. These actions were coined as “Favors for Friends.” https://www.facebook.com/groups/tcsepticnews/photos/.

In March, I addressed the Board of Health during public participation and called for the firing of Health Commissioner James Enyeart, and the environmental director, Frank Migliozzi. http://youtu.be/GPLtSUIl0qo

Just a few days later, a top detective from the Sheriff’s office, Major Tom Stewart, paid a visit to our office asking to speak to my husband. What transpired over the next couple of weeks is haunting.

Stewart had sought out a client of ours that we were negotiating a contractual dispute with. Stewart wanted to pursue criminal charges even though our client did not. Stewart had his instruction from TCHD to push forward anyway. The Thursday before Easter 2012, Stewart contacted my husband to tell him there was a warrant for his arrest. My husband, though in fear for his safety and being stripped of his dignity, turned himself in on that following Friday, April 6. He was officially arrested. The headline and story that followed the next day in our local paper read like that of a scandalous con-artist in legal trouble up to his eyeballs. It has been disastrous to our business.

Let me add that this is the only time in our eight years of business that we have ever had a civil court matter with one of our customers. We have earned the “Best of the Best” award for six consecutive years. And now, a contractual dispute was maliciously being turned into a criminal matter.

A few weeks later, another warrant for my husband’s arrest came. According to witness testimony, the sheriff’s office had contacted this particular homeowner to pursue criminal charges as well. http://www.tribtoday.com/page/content.detail/id/572366/Septic-installer-says-he-is-being-targeted-by-county.html

All baseless charges were eventually dismissed, but what is left is irreparable damage to our business reputation and our finances. What is even more deplorable is that according to Stewart, he didn’t think it was a criminal matter but was being instructed by Kokor to pursue the arrest.

To further demonstrate what TCHD has done in retaliation to our exposing of their practices through the use of social media and exercising our First Amendment rights, they are now seeking to revoke my husband’s installer’s license, claim his surety bond (through what I believe may constitute insurance fraud), and they have posted substantial, one-sided information against my husband on their government website. This includes the arrest article in spite of the case dismissal.

In their effort to revoke my husband’s installer’s license, they initiated an administrative hearing and told us we would be able to call witnesses and provide our own evidence. Upon hearing damaging testimony by their own witnesses who spoke against the health department officials, they abruptly shut down the hearing just a quarter of the way into it, and stated their intention to render a verdict without allowing my husband due process. None of our nine witnesses were able to be called. Several of them included the health department administration and people from the Sheriff’s department. We are waiting for the ruling. If they move forward with taking my husband’s license, it will eliminate our ability to produce an income, provide for our family (we have three young children) and it will halt our federal lawsuit against them.

Our attorney, David Engler, has filed a lawsuit in federal court for conspiracy and corruption. We have our first hearing, a status conference, scheduled for January 30, 2013.

The TCHD administration and Board of Health has “circled the wagons” in an attempt to protect each other and have used their authority, influence and power to attack us.

In addition to their attack and attempt to destroy us, the messenger, the Board of Health has also eliminated public participation from their public monthly meetings to prevent us from asking hard questions. The same type of questions I have put on social media that they continually refuse to answer.

I’ve become politically involved. Many candidates have reached out to me with support. However, the incumbents have not. This area has long been strangled by a Democratic stronghold. Republicans and Independents rarely get elected. Because of this, there is no balance of power.

We NEED help from organizations and national media to get our story out and these officials exposed. Our local paper is soft on our elected officials. Thanks to social media, we have more than 1,100 people following our story, anticipating long overdue change. We are confident that once we are given the time and opportunity to share all our evidence, these officials will be the ones on trial.

Truly, I thank you for your time. I and our Attorney, David Engler, are willing to discuss our story and our case in great detail and with full transparency. Attorney Engler is also dealing with similar issues in the county children services board where several rapes and molestations have taken place without repercussion. He has been threatened twice to get out of our county and to drop our case. He can be reached at 330-402-9290 or via email.


Deanna Meadows
Cell: 330-240-4585