Cut SpendingToday, Opportunity Ohio released a short report on recently released household income data for the 50 states.  Ohio Families Losing Ground as Incomes Fall by Mary McCleary details Ohio’s plight over the last decade as the state has continued to drop in household income rankings.  From 2011 to 2012, Ohio’s inflation adjusted median household income fell over $1,200.  Currently, Ohio ranks 10th worst among the states with a median household income of $44,375, which is $6,642 below the national median.  In 1985, Ohio’s household income was 13th best.

Along with income data, recent jobs data has not been encouraging regarding Ohio’s recovery.  Since January 2012, Ohio has only added jobs at a 0.68 percent annual growth rate.  From January 2012 to June 2013, Ohio had the 11th worst job growth rate in the nation.

Ohio desperately needs some big fixes to turn our economy around.  How much farther will Ohio have to fall behind other states before our leaders wake up and realize their policies are not working?

To view the entire report and view each state’s household income rank, click here.