GOP_BULLYOhio GOP registered their logo on Wednesday morning, then tell Conservative Candidates who mailed cards weeks ago to stop using logo.

This is just another example of how the Ohio Republican Party tries to bully and intimidate conservative Republicans who don’t fit the narrative and refuse to fall in line with Chairman Borges.

Late this week, Ohio Republican Party Chairman Borges sent form letters to several Conservative Republican incumbents / candidates running for the State Central Committee telling them, among other things, to stop using the Ohio Republican Party Logo.

What Chairman Borges failed to mention in his poorly drafted letter was that the Ohio Republican Party didn’t have trademark claims to the logo until just hours before he sent his intimidation letter.



Tho Ohio GOP registered this Trademark at 10:40 a.m., Wednesday morning, Feb 17th, 2016.

On Wednesday morning (Feb 17), an Ohio GOP representative made a B-Line to the Ohio Secretary of States office to file trademark registration paperwork. Normal processing time for these types of filings is 7-10 days, but Chairman Borges needed to bully these people NOW, so he opted to spend the extra $600 to “Expedite” the filings so he could send his bully letter that afternoon.

CLICK HERE to see Ohio GOP Trademark filed on Feb 17, 2016

CLICK HERE to see Ohio GOP Servicemark filed on Feb 17, 2016


Several weeks ago,  when State Central Committee candidates Witte, Delaney, Hill, Skaff and countless others were designing campaign post cards,  Mr Witte researched Trademarks filings,  didn’t find any,  so he and others decided to use the logo.

When Witte and Hill received their Borges intimidation letter on Friday,  Mr Witte said;

“This is BS, it isn’t their logo.” 

However,  Mr Witte decided to once again review the Sec of State filings, and what he seen made his head explode;

“Those low life @#$@%@^#.  They filed trademark paperwork on Wednesday.”

Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee Representative Bill Delaney said he received the same letter as Witte and Hill on Thursday morning.  Read Borges letter HERE

“This is another example of how Borges bullies and intimidates people. He makes stuff up and goes with it. His information is unreliable and in most cases, inaccurate or simply not true. He sends me a form letter full of wrong information, then expects me to respond to it. “

“First off, Borges sent the letter to the wrong address. When I read the letter, I had no idea what he was talking about. There wasn’t any “Exhibit A” enclosed and the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition didn’t pay for our post cards as his letter claims.”


This is the post card that Delaney and Skaff printed and mailed almost two weeks ago

“Perhaps if Borges would have actually looked at our post card, he’d have gotten the correct address and would have seen “Paid for by Delaney / Skaff”.

When Diana Skaff read the letter, she angrily said;

“Chairman Borges message is loud and clear, either we’re establishment go along to get along, or we’ll be harassed and pushed out of the system.”

Ms Skaff continued;

“But he [Borges] does have one point, Bill and I are running on moral values, honesty, integrity, and accountability. We’ll tell the truth and do what we say we’ll do. Having the Ohio GOP logo on our card may cause some confusion and could lead some people to think the Ohio Republican Party shares these same values, it doesn’t.”

Delaney concluded by saying;

“Thank you NW Ohio Conservative Coalition. I fully support the NWOCC and the Ohio Citizens PAC. Without them, there wouldn’t be a conservative movement in Ohio. Without them, who’d help conservative candidates, it sure isn’t the Republican Party. Borges is doing everything in his power to destroy the conservative movement and the Republican party.”

On March 15th, you’ll have a choice;

CHOICE ONE – re-elect the people who bully and intimidate Republicans who don’t toe the line or do what the party tells them to do.


CHOICE TWO – Elect State Central Committee people who will tell you the truth, and do what they say they will do.

Click on the map below to find the two candidates in your Ohio district

SCC_MAPALSO – Want to help these candidates financially, Contact them directly or make a substantial donation to NWOCC or Ohio Citizens PAC.

CLICK HERE to help these candidates get elected. Make a $25, $50, or $100 contribution to the NW Ohio Conservative Coalition.

CLICK HERE to help these candidates get elected. Make a $25, $50, or $100 contribution to the Ohio Citizens PAC.