The Ohio Republican party State Central Committee’s (SCC) attempt to purge Conservative Republicans ran afoul for the second time in as many weeks.

Last night the Marion County Board of Elections announced that Lisa Cooper will remain on the ballot as a viable candidate for the Republican Party State Central Committee District 26 (SCC26).

The Ohio GOP’s purge attempt started three weeks ago, when they voted to endorse themselves for re-election. After a slanderous  outburst and rant by Ohio GOP Chair Borges against members Lisa Cooper (SCC26) and Gary Burkholder SCC31, Chair Borges announced to the rest of the committee that these two members were being challenged at their Board of Elections , and they were to be excluded from the Ohio GOP endorsement for re-election. CLICK HERE

However,  things didn’t go well for Chairman Borges or the Ohio GOP purge.. Last week the Licking County Board of Elections meet to hear the Ohio GOPs challenge to Burkholder’s candidacy. After just a few minutes and brief records check, the board ruled that the Ohio GOP challenger had no case as Mr Gary Burkholder meet all the residency requirements.  Mr Burkholder would therefore remain on the ballot as a candidate for the Ohio Republican SCC District 31.

In Ms. Coopers case,  when the Marion county BOE heard the Ohio GOP challenge, their 4 member board vote was a  tie.  GET THIS –   The Two Republican board members voted to remove Cooper from the ballot,  but the two Democrat  board members voted that her paperwork was in order and she should remain on the ballot.


Since the four member board was tied,  the case was forwarded to the Secretary of States (SoS) office for a ruling by SoS Jon Husted.

Yesterday afternoon,  SoS Husted made his ruling and sent it to the Marion County Board of Elections.  In the ruling, Ms. Cooper, candidate for Republican Party SCC district 26 will remain on the ballot. (READ HUSTED RULING HERE)

The Ohio GOP has been bullying conservative candidates for years. This is a perfect example of why the Republican voter base is sick and tired of this type of behavior. There is no accountability, no standards, no goals. The party leaders seem more interested in looking out for their own selfish interests than the interest of the voters whose trust they are abusing.

Whats the solution?

There appears to be a full slate of conservative Republican candidates running in almost every State Central Committee district in Ohio.  This should provide ample opportunity to cleanse the party of the bullies who are more interested in their own welfare than the welfare of the country and the party. We’re looking forward to a Republican Party that has a platform, standards and goals, and accountability that can be measured and adhered to.

Candidate Linda O’Brien (SCC18) summed up the bullying in her presentation last week.