Good news for now, the Ohio House passed its version of the budget tonight without the Medicaid/Obamacare expansion.

Many thanks to those of you who worked so hard to see that House legislators said “NO” to the federal government takeover of healthcare in our state. To achieve this outcome, scores of you dedicated countless hours to making calls, knocking on doors, and meeting with legislators to express your concerns.

I wish I could say the fight was over, but unfortunately that is not the case.

Special interests are still salivating over the prospects of getting their hands on $13 billion of new “federal” money. Few of these interests offer any care for the true origin of these funds. The money is not and never was “free.” Instead, it comes from a federal government that is already broke and that has no business adding to its obligations.

We are pleased at the outcome in the House today, and we are grateful to the legislators who stood strong. Our eyes now turn to the Senate as well as to any possibility of Medicaid legislation arising in the House in the future.

Looking forward, we remain committed to staying in our fight to protect the freedom and prosperity of all Ohioans.

Yours in Liberty,
Ted Stevenot
Ohio Liberty Coalition